Pico Iyer Journeys

Some Recent Pieces of Iyer (April 2018)

“Troubled Waters”-a review of Richard Lloyd Parry’s Ghosts of the Tsunami, for the New York Times Book Review, December 31, 2017.

“The River”-a short essay on the meaning of change, for the great young British magazine Satori, December 2017

“Why I’m an Optimist”-an essay for Elle India, January 2018.

“Damaraland, Namibia-Where `Each Day Lasts 100 Hours’ “-The Observer, January 20, 2018

“The Kiss”-a short piece about Damascus in the anthology, The Kiss, published by W.W. Norton February 14, 2018.

“The Hero: Depths and Surfaces”-an essay on Satyajit Ray’s film Nayak, written for the Criterion Collection DVD released on February 20, 2018, and appearing (in very different form) in NYR Daily, the blog of The New York Review of Books, as “Satyajit Ray’s Hero Revisited” on February 27, 2018

“Under Mongolian Skies”-an essay on Mongolia, for WSJ, the magazine of the Wall Street Journal, March 2018.

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