Pico Iyer Journeys

A few recent pieces of Iyer

“Leonard Cohen burns, and we burn with him,” a 10-page meditation on the Zen singer-songwriter in Shambhala Sun magazine (April 2013);

“Terrence Malick’s Song of Songs”–an appraisal of To the Wonder for Harpers.com, April 22, 2013;

“Reading My Way to the Threshold of the Great Unanswerable”–a discussion with Patrick McMahon in Inquiring Mind magazine, Spring 2013;

“Onstage and Off”–an introduction to Christopher Isherwood’s The Condor and the Crows (published by Vintage U.K., May 2013);

“Cuban Evolution,” a 16-page spread on the island today in Time, July 8, 2013;

“Taking Nothing for Granted: A Tribute to Donald Richie”–International House of Japan Bulletin, Summer 2013;

(with Geoff Dyer), “Ping Pong,” with photographs from the Little Brown Mushroom Library, a limited edition book to be published by Alec Soth in September 2013.

“Maruyama Park,” an essay on Kyoto’s central green space in the book, City Parks, edited by Catie Marron and published by Harper Collins, in October 2013;

“The Classroom of the Real,” an essay on Boston in Our Boston: Writers Celebrate the City They Love, a commemoration of the American city six months after the Boston Marathon bombing, published by Harcourt Houghton Mifflin in October 2013;

“The Leap of Ecstasy”–an essay for the 2013 White Nights Festival Playbill, Lincoln Center, New York City, October 2013;

“The Lure of Hidden Treasure”–an introduction to the 1926 Indochina travel-book, King Cobra, by Harry Hervey, to be published by DatAsia in November 2013;

“The Book that Launched a Thousand Ships”–an introduction to the 1927 novel, Congai, by Harry Hervey, to be published by DatAsia in November 2013.

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